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We individually hand

nail six nails per shingle

for maximum holding power.

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Your home is your biggest investment.

Throughout your lifetime, your home will most likely be your beggest investment. You want to make sure that your home’s roof is protecting you from the elements outside while keeping money inside your wallet. Get the quality service that you deserve by calling us today; we look forward to making your roof our number one priority.

We are Insurance Claim Specialists and offer to mitigate your insurance claim at no extra charge.

If you have a minor carpentry repair needed such as soffit, fascia, or trim around the chimney, we will replace it for a nominal fee before replacing your roof.

Montgomery Roofing is a sister company of Saxon Roofing & Repair and a division of Turn Key Construction, which is a full scale, from the ground up, all phase organization able to supply your design and construction needs of any kind or size.

In the contact form below, please include your contact phone number and all project details available, such as address, type of service you are interested in (commercial, residential, etc.), square footage of the project, and any deadlines.

Please visit Turn Key Construction for more information about all of our businesses and services we provide, and our portfolio of work. We look forward to serving you.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I chose Steve Saxon – Owner of “TurnKey Construction” initially out of convenience – his office is directly across from April Sound, as I saw his number on his sign 718-Roof on 105 >Over the past year I have had the pleasure of working with Steve and his ‘Turn-Key Construction’ crew at the Richard Bevis family properties I manage and serve as caretaker. Steve has done small repair projects and installations plus large build-outs. He and his crew have always shown professional ethics and superior work standards. Steve has always done what he said he would do-in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost, leaving the job site clean and usable at the end of every work day. I would recommend him to anyone for any Construction or “Home Improvement” need.
Freda B. White
Mule Hide
Owens & Corning